How to Build Your Unique LinkedIn Brand & Create Engaging Video Content

CONQUER your fear of posting, 
DISCOVER your voice, and
 LEARN to impact the world

Fanny Dunagan, 
LinkedIn Video Content Strategist

Fanny is a LinkedIn video content creator and CEO of PathLynks, which helps business owners (B2B) and corporate professionals build their unique LinkedIn brand and content. She trains and empowers individuals and leadership teams to take charge of their personal and business branding, create value-adding content and build an engaged audience around their products and services.

Her clients include companies in the aerospace and defense, manufacturing, marketing, professional services, personal development, recruitment, technology, human resources, coaching and food industries. She is a regular presenter at
regional and national conferences and events. 

Here's What You'll Learn:

  • WHY LinkedIn is the most powerful platform for you right now
  • WHY creating content will set you up as a trusted advisor and thought leader in your field
  • FRAMEWORK to define your unique and one-of-a-kind brand
  • 4 TYPES of video content that you can create immediately
  • HOW to create an engaged audience of your content

Here's What You'll Get:

  • 6-part video to walk you through all the learning
  • 17-page workbook to guide you through exercises to determine your WHY, define your TARGET AUDIENCE, find your UNIQUE BRAND and 30+ questions to spark ideas for your CONTENT
  • 5-Day content calendar template to help you plan your weekly content

What my clients are saying . . .

"Huge asset to my business"

“Fanny has been a huge asset to my business. She spent several hours with me to get an understanding of who my clients are and what messages I wanted to convey through content marketing. She then created a strategic marketing plan with guidelines on how to best implement the plan. We later recorded videos and she did a fantastic job of creating a series of relevant content to be released over several weeks. I highly recommend Fanny for your content marketing needs." 
- Sara Waskow, Franchise Owner & Business Consultant

"Broke our attendance record when she spoke"

“Entrepreneurs who pay it forward, like Fanny, are still quite rare and she's one of a kind. We recently broke our attendance record, when she spoke, that goes back to 2009. Her care for people's heart, as well as mind, and ability to engage them to stretch themselves in thought first, then to action, through their fears, is nothing short of amazing. Whether individual coach or group instigator and influencer, you can't go wrong with engaging her." 
- Mike Rochelle, Vice President of Cloudix Cloud Services

"Artist in helping people visualize and define their unique brand"

“The University of Dallas at Texas Full-Time MBA Cohort invited Fanny to present value-added, branded, social media content creation and LinkedIn strategy. Fanny is an engaging, fresh and informative speaker. She is an artist in helping people to visualize and define their unique brand and to leverage that through relevant content.." 
- Kristan Davis, MBA Career Consultant, University of Texas at Dallas
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